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July 1, 2011 / puddintane

Great new rite aid week!

I did so well last week at rite aid with there “ups” and coupons lol had my first ever ZERO SELL! they had to call the manager over to approve it ! so maybe its silly but I was just beaming! this week is a few more great deals that ill have to go pick up, I am finally getting things cheep / or free to donate! this is really making me thrilled. I have a nice stock pile of hygiene stuff already so all the tooth paste, t bursh, deodorants and such are going into the donate bag or to family friends that are in need of them. I fill so blessed to have been able to learn how to do this to help out others. Frugal living nw is were I go daily ( one of them ) to see what new great deals are floating around and she always post the rite aid weekly deals and others. go check it out because I am so not doing all that work! lol just follow the link up there. or… here

When i’m looking at the deals available im personally looking for $1 under for stuff.. because honestly i’m not a brand snob LOL and can find generic or dollar tree finds for just about any of the stuff i’m going to get for a dollar.

Here is a couple tho that I plan to do :

I have $4,69 in UP’s(rite aid cash) from last week to start… ugg so mad my printer is dead! I have a $3 off $15 coupon I could print!!! /screams… oh well…

Pantene shampoo, conditioner or stylers on sale $3.50

Buy 2, Get $2 +UP Reward – limit 3
Buy 2
Use $3/2 Pantene coupon from 6/19 SS insert
Pay $4, Get $2 +UP

$3.50/6=21.00((If my coupons come in)) ill get all 3 from the limit allowed  ###EDIT, just got my $3 off $15 coupon###. 3 – $3/2 .My husband found out how much he liked this brand after i got it from another cheep rite aid transaction. 

total= $21.00 – ($3/$15)= $18.00 – ($9.00 coupons) = $9.00  – ($4.68)=$4.31 oop then $6.00 in ups!

Crest toothpaste (select varieties) or Oral-B Stages, Advantage Plus or 3D toothbrush on sale $2.57

Buy 1, Get $2 +UP Reward – limit 2
Use .75/1 Crest coupon from 6/5 PG insert
Pay $1.82, Get $2 +UP Reward

Fixodent denture cleanser or adhesive on sale $3.99
Buy 1, Get $1 +UP Reward – limit 4
Use $2/1 Fixodent cleanser or $1/1 Fixodent adhesive coupon from 6/5 PG insert
Pay $1.99, Get $1 +UP

filler item to hit $15. .50 off 2 3 musketeer bars ( shhhhh dont tell the kids!!) $.75i think

$2.57/1=$2.57 ~I have $.75 off one (grate for the church food table on saterday that is handing out personal stuff now too!)

so $1.82 oop for 1 ~~ $2.00 in ups!!

$3.99/3= $11.97 ~I have a $2 off coupon for the cleaner/ $.75 off cleaner and $1 off for the adhesive  ( friend ) was looking for some at a good price I THINK this works. since i’m stocked up on it ill let them have it. 

so $8.22 oop for 3   ~~ $3.00 in ups!


total =$15.29 – ($3.00 / $15.00) = $12.00 – ($4.25 coupons) = $7.75- ($6.00 in ups)= $1.75 oop then $5.00 in ups!

wow! 1 toothpaste, 2 fixadent cleaner, 1 fixadent adhesive, 2 secret candy bars and 8 panteen shampoo  ( if all in stock ugg ) for $6.06 and $5.00 in ups!!!

now that’s a good deal 🙂 ! hope you make a good one too!

god bless!


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