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July 5, 2011 / puddintane

I’m a 4th of July baby!

So the 4th was my birthday! hmm 35, I can deal with that tho 🙂 Know what I love ? when family gets you exactly what you want! I got two $20.00 Starbucks cards!! and a bunch of new coupon folders! Better then using envelops LOL. oh and TWO CAKES! now who can beat that!

My mom and hubby both got me a folder like these. I had been using 3 big envelopes for all my coupons!   Lets hope I don’t brake them lol. I also got a big solid 13 pocket box  that is so pretty! my husband picked it out for me hes so sweet. Each folder is used for a store that I go to, Fred Myer, Albertson, Safeway, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s and Target. I put the store coupons and ad’s there so its all together when I am ready to put my list together…err read my daily websites for the deals 🙂 .. (look on the left at my blogroll ) why do the work when there are SOOO many ppl that already did it for me! My mom also got me a med sized expanding file folder which is awesome, has spot for two cards in the front and a bigger open folder for scissors and paper…. Hmm when my battery’s are charges maybe ill just take a pick of it all LOL !


Keith says god bless!



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