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July 7, 2011 / puddintane

Pinky and “the” Brain journal

Well its been 5 days between feedings and they were hungry. no waiting to snatch up that mouse! They ate 2 pinkies again with out hesitating. Pinky looked like he was still looking for more after.. what a pig! but size wise I don’t think hes ready for more. I don’t  want to over feed them and have them regurgitate!  Then you have to wait at least 7 days to re feed  so there stomach acid can build back up or they will just throw up again.

When I put them back pinky went roaming around the cage but brain went straight underground Brain is a very skitch snake , sigh, always scared and hiding. I don’t keep him out long when handling because he dose not like it to much. He has improved tho. I am able to pick him up and hold him for about 5 min before he starts trying to find his escape! I continue to handle him for another 10 min or so or until I cant keep up with his running!  My pinky on the other hand either does not care or is very tolerating because I can carry him around all morning with me. he will explore around or sleep in my pocket. He is very curious but careful. LOL I love to see him poke his tiny head out of stuff and study everything before moving on.

Well that’s this weeks check in! Sadly no new pic’s because the camera was dead all week, but new batteries today so i did get pics of my shopping LOL Ill be putting that post up next.

god bless!


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