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July 15, 2011 / puddintane


who dose not love to win stuff! about two weeks ago I played wriglys non stop summer fun instant win game  and won 100 dollars in fun bucks… ok umm what the heck is that I thought.. and totally shrugged it off and figured Ill know when it arrives. I actually forgot I won it O.o. So today the mail man makes me sign for this envelope and Im all WTH?  WEll heck I have 100 dollars ! It is limited to what /were you can spend it . must be sporting goods, music, books or movie theater. ILL TAKE IT! now the question is WHAT DO I GET! im lost now that I cant use it on food or house hold.. and thinking in terms of what would I like.. OMG. The practical side of me keeps butting in tho and thinking that in sporting goods is still things I could get for the kids, shoes are covered! or.. I could get myself roller skates! Or a bike for emily … a new tire for dans bike.. blarg lol so a few options! well good luck to the rest of you!

god bless


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