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July 16, 2011 / puddintane

Update on my win!

so.. I wasted no time lol.. laziness did play a part too. We went down to Fred Myeres and looked around. They were having there sidewalk sale.  Well after talking too two cashiers and a manger to make sure it was ok to use the checks and were to go with my goodies. So the customer service lady is the winner! ( dose not hurt that iv shopped here for 5 years either!)   the bonus was this could be used on sporting goods OR apparel! I missed that!  So after everyone grabbing goodies of the clearance racks mom disappeared to the shes and found these shape ups on sale on sale for $60.00

then of course me being me used the rest on the kids and cloths for them. we still managed to spend another $94 LOL. BUT in the end we ended up with . The Girl  had a new skirt, pants, 2 shirts and a pink hat. The boy, flip-flops, shirt and new “epic” hat O.o lol, the man got two new shirts for work. also chicken to bbq tomorrow and two pork tender loins on sale for 4.99. and a couple of bags of m&m’s that i do not remember seeing going into the cart!

have a great one, god bless!


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