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July 21, 2011 / puddintane

When a frugal person loves a name brand item!

I am one of those people that do not care about name brand, I get cheap!  I have always gone with the least expensive .. a few times the name brand was the same brand as generic and ill go with it. That is how I found out  I LOVE DAWN!!  I love it! I don’t really know when or how it showed up in my house but I can not go back to anything ales. You really do only need  a small amount on the sponge to clean that nasty greasy pan. Now I do have a dishwasher so most dishes are not touched with it , but all the pots and pans get washed by hand… and they are the bad stuff! With the cheap stuff I would have to do more then one squirt to the sponge to finish the pan. ALSO

I have found a couple of uses for it besides dishes too! Did you know its instant death for flees??!!! OH YES. When we got are two youngest cats they were a mess. flees, worms ~blah~ the works. I did not realize how bad it was until I seen the girls legs… they really liked her 😦 and I got.. LOL mad at the flees and was like THAT IS IT! grabbed a kitten and the dawn ( only thing I had ) and washed the first cat cookie. she did not like it but she did not try to kill me. As soon as the soap hit the cat the flees died… that fast!  I was impressed.

my husband who was watching from a very safe distance thought I was nuts. So I finished with cookie and grabbed trouble… oh boy.. in the end he didn’t get a bath and I had a nasty bit on my hand to remind me how much she hates water. so shoot.. cant wash the last two cats ( i was not even gonna try with furball who is 16lbs! ) and its late and no way to get flee medication this late… so what do we do? I gave the girl a bath in Dawn and did her hair with it.. heck if it will kill it on the cat it will kill them on her!  It gave her some relief until we go the medican.  Until the flees were all gone we did are hair in Dawn to keep the flees off us! It cleans your hair really well too. I have very oily skin and hair and this will strip all that away! awesome! but to spendy to use that way often.

so this is why a frugal person LOVES DAWN!

god bless!


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