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July 29, 2011 / puddintane

Big animal week!

First, sadly brain is still on the lose 😦 I miss him. Its been about a week and no sign of him.  Im not giving up tho some people have found there snakes weeks / months later!

Second, the man had me go get this big guy. He is a Ball Python, just a normal I think. The man has fallen in love with him and I think is plotting stealing him from me!  So we have been getting him adjusted. He is 1 1/2 yrs old. poor guy has been stuck in the pet store for ONE YEAR! wish I could have taken both that were there but there’s no way lol. He seems to be loving his new BIG cage. have you seen the tiny tiny cages they have snakes in ?? omgosh! So he has been getting lots of time to exercise I am hoping it helps work up his appetite. Good news is at a 1 1/2 years I know he eats lol, but they are very picky and can be stubborn eaters. The store would allow them daily an opportunity to eat and he HAD eaten the day before I got him so this was good. I will only try once a week with him tho, so he will get on a schedule.

we don’t have a name for this big guy yet tho and its starting to bug me! the boy calls him the scientist  lol because he has a big brain ( head) any ideas ??

Third and last for the moment.. There is a very friendly gray momma kitty that hangs around the apartment. when we first noticed her hmm one or two months ago she had three older kittens with her so we started leaving food out for her. She is so sweet, wants all kinds of love! Im pretty sure at some point this cat was someones pet. I don’t know how long shes been out but shes still pretty clean and healthy looking and amazingly NO FLEES!  Well about two weeks ago we realized she was HUGE. sigh. pregnant again! This girl is to sweet to leave out there like this again. So the man had us clean up the kids room and empty out a closet for her. Put a bed in there and a kitty try. We brought her in yesterday and she is so in heaven! The girl has been brushing her since shes come in LOL and I don’t think she has stopped purring since she came in.

I worry about the other cats. we have 3 O.o. Cookie never comes out of hiding tho until the house is asleep or the man lays down.. so his cat! Trouble and furball tho are another story, they did not like her when she was OUTSIDE getting attention! I don’t think they have noticed shes here yet. I know they smell her on us tho. I have no idea when shes dew but my gosh shes huge!

So lets see.. ATM we have pinky the corn snake, the big guy the ball python, brain lost some were in the house, cookie the cat hiding under my bed, trouble the cat shredding my curtains, Furball the cat …just laying around AND momma kitty locked in the kids room!  wow..

so this is the burke zoo LOL

ok guys got to run, I have a hungry corn snake to take care of.

god bless


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