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August 27, 2011 / puddintane

A look at are zoo

So as I said before we are housing a stray cat, momma cat. She was very preggo and has since had 8 kittins! omgosh. It has been great for us and the kids to be able to experiance the birth and watching them grow so far. Once they are big enough the plan is to try and find them homes or take to the humain society. Its hard not to get to attached but we already had 3 of are own cats before this  … who are none to thrilled about the kitten take over! ever seen a full grown cat run from a 4 week old kitten? It is pretty darn funny lol. I thought I would show off are animals to you 🙂 …. do you have a zoo to? Id love to see it!

 only one missing is are cat cookie… but she hides from everyone tell bed time and then comes out to play with trouble! Hope you like are cuties 🙂 and.. if you want a kitten LOL i have some to give away!!!

god bless

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