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August 29, 2011 / puddintane

Mom Mom Guess what!!

So this is a new one for me O.o I have never had anyone tell me there kids have done it either… but maybe thats because they did not know!
We are eating dinner and the girl just blurts out.. Dan is going to the bathroom in the kitty box.


Well.. after a few seconds of just shock the humor was hitting me. So how do you be stern wile your giggling? Poor kid had such mix signals.. he did not know what emotion to keep on his face… oh it IS funny..wait.. no now its not.. wait it is ..wait! I finally stopped and just told him , boy don’t pee in the darn box.

why? he asks so totally seriously… why.. why good question.. because people pee in toilets!

Now I start really hoping he HAD peed because neither of them specified ” going to the bathroom” O.o omg! lol and at the same time I realized WHY I was so mad at the cat for PEEING SO MUCH! LAUGHING MY BUT OFF!! dan was peeing in the darn box! .. I need a moment to recompose..

ok, I am better now.. wow.. Have you ever had this happen .. and if not maybe THIS is why you find your self cursing the litter box and the cat about NO MORE WATER FOR YOU CAT! OMG! lol

god bless!


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