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July 21, 2011 / puddintane

Brain going into shed?

I think Brain is getting ready to shed. His eyes seem much more cloudy and looks duller then normal. Strangely he is also more docile and willing to be handled and explore wile out of the cage. I had read they get more grumpy.. sometimes. I hope it becomes more oveasly before feeding day because i have read numerous post about not feeding them wile in shed. Heck I like him like this more LOL.

god bless!

July 19, 2011 / puddintane

bad trouble!!

trouble are cat JUST had to have a treat! He went and found them all on his own.


July 19, 2011 / puddintane

No Pinky dont poop on me!

Well if you have snakes .. or any other animal that cant be potty trained O.o You have been POOPED ON! It sucks, and in the case of snakes STINKS… oh my gosh! they are clean animals and as long as there cage is keep up on they have no odor which is so awesome.  There poo on the other hand is just horrible smelling and it seems I have the magic touch to sooth it right out of them …UGG.

Now its been two days since there feeding and I have .. with much control, left them alone to digest. This morning I took Brain out to handle and did notice that his bottom tail section looked rather larger then normal but It did not hit me what that was until about 10 min later after he pooped on me! As I was quickly cleaning my shirt and throwing it in the wash I realized his tail looked normal again…. It was one of those DUH moments! So lucky brain got to go back to hiding in his cage and I went to find Pinky.  He was in his plant again.. I wonder if he ever left it for the last two days!! It took about 5 min to slowly convince .. pry.. him out of his cozy home so I could handle him, and guess what.. misshaped but! NO WAY PINKY!!  I grabbed his little swimming pool I made for him ( Ya I forgot pics O.o ) and gave him a nice warm swim. took 20 sec and I bet he felt better!! ya for me! Now he was ready to run and play… right back to his plant! LOL Im going to have to figure out a bigger one as he grows.

Well Im sure this was just a great post for everyone about pooping snakes but if I can help just one person not get pooped on I have done my duty today! review? look for fat butts and give them a warm bath! then your buddys will be ready to play with no worry about having to change afterwards 🙂

side note :: brain has gotten so much better to handle, he is really learning to trust me. He no longer tries to FLEE from me! He still holds on very tight when being handled and it makes it hard from him to move around smoothly tho. He is just such a nervous little guy. The kids are still not  allowed to handle him, Id like him to be a bit less tense.

god bless!

July 18, 2011 / puddintane

Pinky and the brain journal

so pic’s were not enough lol here is some video of brain and pinky eating. Well Pinky because I did not know they would eat hanging upside down O.o The battery died in the Ipod .. lucky you mom 🙂 . but here he is.


god bless.

July 17, 2011 / puddintane

What REALLY happens inside kids when they dont listen!

This is the  girl explaining to use why she did not listen. hmmmm.. I did not know about the switches!



July 16, 2011 / puddintane

Update on my win!

so.. I wasted no time lol.. laziness did play a part too. We went down to Fred Myeres and looked around. They were having there sidewalk sale.  Well after talking too two cashiers and a manger to make sure it was ok to use the checks and were to go with my goodies. So the customer service lady is the winner! ( dose not hurt that iv shopped here for 5 years either!)   the bonus was this could be used on sporting goods OR apparel! I missed that!  So after everyone grabbing goodies of the clearance racks mom disappeared to the shes and found these shape ups on sale on sale for $60.00

then of course me being me used the rest on the kids and cloths for them. we still managed to spend another $94 LOL. BUT in the end we ended up with . The Girl  had a new skirt, pants, 2 shirts and a pink hat. The boy, flip-flops, shirt and new “epic” hat O.o lol, the man got two new shirts for work. also chicken to bbq tomorrow and two pork tender loins on sale for 4.99. and a couple of bags of m&m’s that i do not remember seeing going into the cart!

have a great one, god bless!

July 15, 2011 / puddintane


who dose not love to win stuff! about two weeks ago I played wriglys non stop summer fun instant win game  and won 100 dollars in fun bucks… ok umm what the heck is that I thought.. and totally shrugged it off and figured Ill know when it arrives. I actually forgot I won it O.o. So today the mail man makes me sign for this envelope and Im all WTH?  WEll heck I have 100 dollars ! It is limited to what /were you can spend it . must be sporting goods, music, books or movie theater. ILL TAKE IT! now the question is WHAT DO I GET! im lost now that I cant use it on food or house hold.. and thinking in terms of what would I like.. OMG. The practical side of me keeps butting in tho and thinking that in sporting goods is still things I could get for the kids, shoes are covered! or.. I could get myself roller skates! Or a bike for emily … a new tire for dans bike.. blarg lol so a few options! well good luck to the rest of you!

god bless

July 13, 2011 / puddintane

What do I love?

FREE ~~ and ~~ COFFEE!!   You have tell July 17th to get in on this . buy any via iced coffee and you’ll get a free tall drink!   So if you already use Via this is a extra bonus for you 🙂

July 12, 2011 / puddintane

Know what I love ?


Product Description Sometimes God seems a bit hazy or even imperceptible in our busy day-to-day lives. Experienced author and Bible teacher T. W. Hunt directs you to see and hear from God in the supernatural, no matter where you are—at work, in the kitchen, or on the road. You will come to see that God is always present.

Its a Kindle book but you do not need a kindle to read it. I have a Kindle app on my Ipad that I use to read all my cool “Free” books from amazon LOL. I believe you can read it on your computer too.

July 12, 2011 / puddintane

Netflix what are you doing!!

Netflix I love you but what are you doing! Spliting your plans ? Upping your prices! Why are you doing this. Ugg this makes me sad. From unlimited streaming and one dvd out to EITHER UNLIMITED streaming or one dvd out with no streaming ??!! OR KEEP BOTH for $15.98! wow….

<<The price of your Unlimited Streaming + 1 DVD out at-a-time (Unlimited) plan will change to $15.98 () (plus any applicable tax) a month starting with your next billing period on or after Sep 01, 2011. If you select a new plan in the meantime, you will only be able to return to your current plan at the new price, regardless of when you make the change.>>

so people if you have Netflix you better go check your subscriptions and make sure its not going to jump on you, changes are suppose to happen in September.