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July 2, 2011 / puddintane

Pinky and “the” Brain Journal

Today was feeding day and they sure were hungry! I decided to try two pinkies this feeding because they seem to be looking for food early. Now from what I read if they are not hungry they will just leave the mouse untouched so I figured it was safe to drop the extra one in. Well holy tar bat man! they gobbled both them pinkies up one after another. Both snakes.. soo ill do two pinkies again Thursday and if they eat them both maybe I have to move up a size ? hmm ill have to look on the forums some more. <<— if your interested that link will take you there 🙂 .

just some pics for fun.. I don’t think you guys want to see them eat so heres them just chillin .

Is that a snake in your pocket!?

god bless!!


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