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July 9, 2011 / puddintane

Lunch at Honoi kitchen to celabration 1 yr sober!

We went to are “new” favorite place to celebrate Davids  1 yr sober. The weather was so nice on the way there and home that ever Mr. grumpy had a hard time staying that way 🙂 and even he had to admit the food was.. as he said.. nomnomnom.. Hanoi kitchen is the best Vietnamese food we have found, and coming from my husband that’s quite a complement to them! He is a huge Vietnamese food fan and since I am not very good at cooking it this is a treat for him.When you go the first thing you want to get is the Vietnamese coffee! boy do they know how to make it! THEN  get the fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce It is amazing! I wish I could get the recipe for the sauce …well maybe not ~ I would eat it all day. For the main course the girl and I shared jasmine rice with lemon grass chicken. The boy and dad had some HUGE noodle dish with bbq pork.. oh man that was good too. the flavors are crisp and distinct!  Mr grumpy had fried rice with pork. The food is good and the staff is good and I would recommend anyone try it! for 5 of us it was 40 dollars. that’s a normal if not tab bit lower then normal dinner out price.  Oh then on the way home we got a show O.o. Burgerville is celebrating its 5oth year and having a big hupla ! They had some tents in the parking lot we found out later a man in a strawberry outfit …. and A crazy clown paining the windows.. or more like dancing on the street!  look threw the pics youll see him.. It was NUTS!  Well we had a blast and hope you all have a good weekend too. and PLEASE TRY THIS PLACE! OH MAN.     ohhh ya here is the info! , 7925 NE Glisan st, Portland Or 97213. 503-252-1300. and no I was not asked to review promote or talk about this place, I just love it that much!  GOD BLESS FROM US ALL!


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