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August 29, 2011 / puddintane

Mom Mom Guess what!!

So this is a new one for me O.o I have never had anyone tell me there kids have done it either… but maybe thats because they did not know!
We are eating dinner and the girl just blurts out.. Dan is going to the bathroom in the kitty box.


Well.. after a few seconds of just shock the humor was hitting me. So how do you be stern wile your giggling? Poor kid had such mix signals.. he did not know what emotion to keep on his face… oh it IS funny..wait.. no now its not.. wait it is ..wait! I finally stopped and just told him , boy don’t pee in the darn box.

why? he asks so totally seriously… why.. why good question.. because people pee in toilets!

Now I start really hoping he HAD peed because neither of them specified ” going to the bathroom” O.o omg! lol and at the same time I realized WHY I was so mad at the cat for PEEING SO MUCH! LAUGHING MY BUT OFF!! dan was peeing in the darn box! .. I need a moment to recompose..

ok, I am better now.. wow.. Have you ever had this happen .. and if not maybe THIS is why you find your self cursing the litter box and the cat about NO MORE WATER FOR YOU CAT! OMG! lol

god bless!

August 27, 2011 / puddintane

A look at are zoo

So as I said before we are housing a stray cat, momma cat. She was very preggo and has since had 8 kittins! omgosh. It has been great for us and the kids to be able to experiance the birth and watching them grow so far. Once they are big enough the plan is to try and find them homes or take to the humain society. Its hard not to get to attached but we already had 3 of are own cats before this  … who are none to thrilled about the kitten take over! ever seen a full grown cat run from a 4 week old kitten? It is pretty darn funny lol. I thought I would show off are animals to you 🙂 …. do you have a zoo to? Id love to see it!

 only one missing is are cat cookie… but she hides from everyone tell bed time and then comes out to play with trouble! Hope you like are cuties 🙂 and.. if you want a kitten LOL i have some to give away!!!

god bless

August 27, 2011 / puddintane

my white trash camping ? LOL

the kids and I went over to my moms to play camping. she has a RV on a nice tree farm. so we pitched a tent and stayed a few days. It was so nice not having to do anything! We picked blackberry’s from there back yard and wondered around the tree farm and the kids spent hours in the sprinkler…and dog pool! It was hard for them tho with no computer or xbox to play! At least grandma had a tv! this filled the between time of wake up and lets turn into a prune in the water. I just sat back and enjoyed the no kitty trays to clean, no dishes, no laundry, no nothin! We ate romen noodles, hot dogs and marshmallows for 3 days LOL. Here are a few pics to show you are time there.

August 6, 2011 / puddintane

kitten update

Ack! There are 8! Lol 3 gray, 3 black and 2 white baby’s. Mom as doing a great job.
I talked to petsmart, they said the baby’s need moms. Milk for 6 week. They get them at 8 weeks from the human sociaty for adoption. So I think when they are ready we will go e to human sociaty for adoption. Will upload pic later!

God bless

August 6, 2011 / puddintane

KITTENS are here!

momma kitty has had 4 babys. I think shes done. One is all white and the other 3 are either black or shades of gray. I’ll be able to tell later when all clean and dry! will post pics soon.

August 3, 2011 / puddintane

know what I love ??!!

FREE COFFEE!! My Fred Meyers Starbucks were handing out survey cards for a free drink! We were able to pick up one for each drink we got 🙂 … /shh they gave me one for each kid and there water! look for this at the cashiers table and see if you can score one too! You do NOT need a recipe to complete it.

god bless!

July 30, 2011 / puddintane

The Brain is back! and a name for the python!

OH my gosh! I went to give Goober 🙂 the pythons now offical name, some water. Puled the dish out had the man watch the cage so goober wouldnt try and run away and when i brought it back there… was brain! He was under the dish O.o. Now I took everything out when looking for him! I looked UNDER everything! I have been praying he was ok and that god would give him back and HERE HE IS! The mans prospective is he was stuck under that dish the whole time O.o even tho I have taken it out SINCE goober was here! I say god answered my prayers 🙂

god bless!

July 29, 2011 / puddintane

Big animal week!

First, sadly brain is still on the lose 😦 I miss him. Its been about a week and no sign of him.  Im not giving up tho some people have found there snakes weeks / months later!

Second, the man had me go get this big guy. He is a Ball Python, just a normal I think. The man has fallen in love with him and I think is plotting stealing him from me!  So we have been getting him adjusted. He is 1 1/2 yrs old. poor guy has been stuck in the pet store for ONE YEAR! wish I could have taken both that were there but there’s no way lol. He seems to be loving his new BIG cage. have you seen the tiny tiny cages they have snakes in ?? omgosh! So he has been getting lots of time to exercise I am hoping it helps work up his appetite. Good news is at a 1 1/2 years I know he eats lol, but they are very picky and can be stubborn eaters. The store would allow them daily an opportunity to eat and he HAD eaten the day before I got him so this was good. I will only try once a week with him tho, so he will get on a schedule.

we don’t have a name for this big guy yet tho and its starting to bug me! the boy calls him the scientist  lol because he has a big brain ( head) any ideas ??

Third and last for the moment.. There is a very friendly gray momma kitty that hangs around the apartment. when we first noticed her hmm one or two months ago she had three older kittens with her so we started leaving food out for her. She is so sweet, wants all kinds of love! Im pretty sure at some point this cat was someones pet. I don’t know how long shes been out but shes still pretty clean and healthy looking and amazingly NO FLEES!  Well about two weeks ago we realized she was HUGE. sigh. pregnant again! This girl is to sweet to leave out there like this again. So the man had us clean up the kids room and empty out a closet for her. Put a bed in there and a kitty try. We brought her in yesterday and she is so in heaven! The girl has been brushing her since shes come in LOL and I don’t think she has stopped purring since she came in.

I worry about the other cats. we have 3 O.o. Cookie never comes out of hiding tho until the house is asleep or the man lays down.. so his cat! Trouble and furball tho are another story, they did not like her when she was OUTSIDE getting attention! I don’t think they have noticed shes here yet. I know they smell her on us tho. I have no idea when shes dew but my gosh shes huge!

So lets see.. ATM we have pinky the corn snake, the big guy the ball python, brain lost some were in the house, cookie the cat hiding under my bed, trouble the cat shredding my curtains, Furball the cat …just laying around AND momma kitty locked in the kids room!  wow..

so this is the burke zoo LOL

ok guys got to run, I have a hungry corn snake to take care of.

god bless


July 22, 2011 / puddintane

Rite Aid & Albertsons

I wont need to buy Excedrin for ever!  At Rite Aid the 20 or 24 ct Excedrin was 1.99.  Mom will be receiving a couple also.

Excedrin 24ct x5 $1.99 = $9.95 -( x2 .75 off ~ x1 1.00 off = 2.50) = 7.45  ~~  Excedrin 100ct clearance 9.99 – 50% off = $4.99 – ( 1.50 off )= 3.49 ~~ Purina cat chow indoor formula 6.99, on sale 4.99 ~~ NYC duet eyeliners BIGI 50% off. 1.99 & .99 =2.98 – (x2 $1.00 )= .98 ~~ also &3.00 off $15.00 purchase .

Total =13.91


transaction #1  poptarts 3/$5.00 -($1.00 /3) = $4.00 + $1.00 off next purchase.

total 4.00

transaction #2 WhoNu cookies  x4 @2.50= 10.00 -( x2 BIGI free + x2 1.00=7.00) =3.00 ~~ dryers ice cream shakes 2 for $4.00 x3= 6.00 -(B2G1 free 2.00)=4.00 ~~ chicken thighs .99 lb = 4.30 ~~ hamburger 1lb 3.82-(2.00)=1.82 ~~ hamburger 1lb 4.25-(2.00)= 2.25 ~~ 4pk toothbrush 1.00 ~~ 2pk body wash scrubers 1.00 ~~ 200ct qtips 1.00 ~~ mm them add water grow animals for kids ! 1.00 ~ minus 1.00 from transaction 1

total 18.37

ok mom come get your eyeliners and some Excedrin!!

god bless!

July 21, 2011 / puddintane

When a frugal person loves a name brand item!

I am one of those people that do not care about name brand, I get cheap!  I have always gone with the least expensive .. a few times the name brand was the same brand as generic and ill go with it. That is how I found out  I LOVE DAWN!!  I love it! I don’t really know when or how it showed up in my house but I can not go back to anything ales. You really do only need  a small amount on the sponge to clean that nasty greasy pan. Now I do have a dishwasher so most dishes are not touched with it , but all the pots and pans get washed by hand… and they are the bad stuff! With the cheap stuff I would have to do more then one squirt to the sponge to finish the pan. ALSO

I have found a couple of uses for it besides dishes too! Did you know its instant death for flees??!!! OH YES. When we got are two youngest cats they were a mess. flees, worms ~blah~ the works. I did not realize how bad it was until I seen the girls legs… they really liked her 😦 and I got.. LOL mad at the flees and was like THAT IS IT! grabbed a kitten and the dawn ( only thing I had ) and washed the first cat cookie. she did not like it but she did not try to kill me. As soon as the soap hit the cat the flees died… that fast!  I was impressed.

my husband who was watching from a very safe distance thought I was nuts. So I finished with cookie and grabbed trouble… oh boy.. in the end he didn’t get a bath and I had a nasty bit on my hand to remind me how much she hates water. so shoot.. cant wash the last two cats ( i was not even gonna try with furball who is 16lbs! ) and its late and no way to get flee medication this late… so what do we do? I gave the girl a bath in Dawn and did her hair with it.. heck if it will kill it on the cat it will kill them on her!  It gave her some relief until we go the medican.  Until the flees were all gone we did are hair in Dawn to keep the flees off us! It cleans your hair really well too. I have very oily skin and hair and this will strip all that away! awesome! but to spendy to use that way often.

so this is why a frugal person LOVES DAWN!

god bless!